Thursday, April 30, 2009

Organic Garden Design - Location

Organic Garden Design - Location

Where to put your garden is a great question. Every yard or patio has space for a garden, whether its the lawn, play area or flower garden. If you have no yard, you can grow it in containers on the patio, deck, or in widow boxes.

I once read a book on edible landscaping and later cut out my front yard and began to grow vegetables within my landscaping. There are many beautiful vegetable plants, berry bushes and fruit trees to include in your landscaping. I've done everything from plant different colored cabbage plants within the flower beds (which looked great by the way) to strawberries as ground cover in different beds and under trees. If you're going to grow something, why not make it edible?

The most important thing to consider is where ever you plant, you need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight or more. Some of my best gardens have been where they are south facing and against a house, fence or shed for reflective sunlight.

Also, the soil should be well drained and you need a source of water. Many people keep a small kitchen garden next to the kitchen (just outside the door) with herbs and vegetables for cooking. Then if they have the space they, they also grow a larger storage garden for putting up some food storage (i.e. canning, drying and freezing).

Remember you can put a garden just about anywhere, even on a roof as long as you have the sunlight, most everything else can be brought in.

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