Monday, April 27, 2009

Raised Bed Gardening with a Tractor Tire

Raised Bed Gardening with a Tractor Tire

Here's a tractor tire I used for a raised garden bed. It was about 3ft tall and 5ft wide. You can find them for free from tire stores or in classified adds. I first needed to make a few modifications. I cut the top out to make more planting room with a reciprocation saw.

Here's where I placed tire with a "little" help.

Finished cutting. Then I got the drill out to put some holes in bottom sidewall for proper draining around the edges. I used the biggest hole bit I could find.

A picture of the drill at work.

Here's the finished raised bed filled with dirt. Remember the hardest part of these raised garden beds is the filling with dirt.

Finally, I covered the ground with free wood chips from a local manufacturer.

All done and ready for your planting.

Happy gardening,



tractor tires said...

Nice work with the tractor tire! In my neighborhood, you can get free recycled tires, mulch and dirt at the recycling center downtown, as long as you have a permit to use the site. Community recycling isn't always about cardboard.

mr green jeans said...

tractor tires great way for a fast raised garden,plus is easy to care for.thx

Anonymous said...

thank you - great idea. I have 6 of them in my backyard now. I hadn't thought about cutting out the top or the holes in the bottom. I'm wondering if I need to cammoflage it from the HOA - lol THANKS

Greg Rouse said...

If you cut out the top you get a little more planting area.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Never would have thought of it, but now it makes so much sense! Will make it to much easier on my back. Thinking of painting them, just for color pop. Also like your cinder block garden, for a bigger area.