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Garden Tools

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Garden Tools

Of the implements for harvesting, beside the spade, prong-hoe and spading- fork, very few are used in the small garden, as most of them need long rows to be economical.

The onion harvester attachment for the double wheel hoe, may be used with advantage in loosening onions, beets, turnips, etc., from the soil or for cutting spinach.

Running the hand- plow close on either side of carrots, parsnips and other deep-growing vegetables will aid in getting them out.

For fruit picking, with tall trees, the wire-fingered fruit-picker, secured to the end of a long handle, will be of great assistance, but with the modern method of using low-headed trees it will not be needed.

Another class of garden implements are those used in pruning but where this is attended to properly from the start, a good sharp knife and a pair of pruning shears will easily handle all the work.

Still another sort of garden device is that used for supporting the plants; such as stakes, trellises, wires, etc. Altogether too little attention usually is given these, as with proper care in storing over winter they will not only last for years, but add greatly to the convenience of cultivation and to the neat appearance of the garden.

Finally, for the home garden a standard power tiller is usually only used once or twice a year, so it’s not practical to purchase and maintain one, you should just rent. I have seen a group of families co-op one, but I’ve also seen where they all rent one and then split the rental fee. The only exception to this rule is the Mantis tiller, because of its small size it can be used year-round for such things as soil cultivation, etc… Therefore, for the gardener who wants a little help or power, because its lightweight and can be used year-round for weekly garden work, if you can afford it, it makes sense as a purchase.

As a final word to the intending purchaser of garden tools, I would say: first thoroughly investigate the different sorts available, and when buying, do not forget that a good tool or a well-made machine will give you satisfactory use long after the price is forgotten, while a poor one is a constant source of discomfort. Get good tools, and take good care of them.

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