Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Secrets Behind A Successful Compost

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by Wayne Allen

Composting is a way of getting in touch with nature. Stay away from the chemically enhanced fertilizers at the stores. You can make your own fertilizer through a process known as composting. In the process you will probable have the opportunity to get down on your knees and get your hands a dirty, and nothing is dirtier than compost.

Compost is the process where biodegradable materials are turned into a soil like substance. The material is mixed with water, air, nitrogen in the proper proportions. The result is a compost material that will serve as a soil conditioner, mulch, and fertilizers. It will feed your garden soil the microorganism that plants need to grow strong and healthy.

When starting a compost program it is best to find a spot close to your garden, but some where concealed from plain site. When you show people your beautiful garden you do not want the first thing they see to be your compost heap. They are practical but not very pretty.

After you decide on a suitable area you will want to start the pile with green and brown organic materials. Green materials have lots of nitrogen while the brown material contain lots of carbon. These two elements form the basic foundation of a compost pile.

A properly formed compost pile will not give off any odors. When the ratio of green and brown materials are correct the pile will not emit any odors. Compost should have an earthy smell and not that of rotting material. If the latter is present then something may be in the pile that should not be there or the ratio of green and brown material is off.

Adding some finished compost to the mix helps to kick start the composting process. This will help start the microbial activities in a compost program.

Make sure that the pile is moist also. Keeping the compost pile damp will help to quicken the breakdown of the organic materials. Add water to the pile it should be damp like a sponge.

Producing compost is really a pretty simple matter. It just takes a little know how and a fair amount of time.

This guide to composting for beginners is meant to give you the facts you desire to begin composting. If you would like to learn more visit the Kitchen Composter Blog.

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