Thursday, March 25, 2010

Simple Raised Bed Crop Rotation

Simple Raised Bed Crop Rotation

Remember as you plant this season to rotate your crops. One of the keys to organic pest control and healthy growth is to rotate crops.

I always keep a garden journal of where I planted each year and the results, that way the next year I can see what works and make sure I rotate crops. Now if you didn't do this, that's ok, just make your best guess and then make sure you keep track this year.

So here's some easy bed rotations: You can rotate in 1/2's , 1/4's or Sideways. With 1/2's you just flip flop sides each year with your crops (good for just a few crops). With 1/4's you just rotate from 1 corner to the next, etc... (good for 4 or more crops) And with sideways rotations you just rotate from right to left in sections (good for multiple crops-base number of sections on number of crops).

Happy gardening,

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Cheryl said...

Greg, This is my first year of raised bed gardening and actually, gardening as a whole. In looking at your plan, I assume you don't expect all of that to be planted in the 3 raised beds. Can you show a drawing of how a sample plan (with plants) would look? Thanks.

Greg Rouse said...


Thanks for the comment and yes, I do expect you to plant all that in 3 4x8 beds (trust me it can be done). That's the whole idea of crop rotation, as one crop is harvested another one goes in (no dead space). Plus, with raised bed gardening one of the techniques is to plant closer together. Because the beds are raised, you don't have to do rows or walk between plants, so you can scatter plant. The benefits are less weeds, less water, etc...

I'll see if I can draw somthing up for you to show you a layout.

Anonymous said...

^^ I found that these work better than the wood ones because even the pressure treated wood will rot after a few years. These are super easy to set up too. Just a thought that greatly improved my gardens I wanted to share :)