Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Simple Raised Bed Garden Plan (part 1)

A Simple Raised Bed Garden Plan (part 1)

Now there are ways to extend your season (see past posts), but for now here's a basic plan for 3 raised beds.

This plan is based on 3 4x8 beds (adapt for more). Again 4x8 beds are best because they are made from standard size 8ft lumber which keeps costs down and 4ft wide means that its 2ft to center from each side, which makes easier access. (adjust vegetable choices to your preferences)

 6 Weeks Before Last Frost of Spring

Start seedlings:
Cabbage - 8 seeds
Broccoli - 4 seeds
Leaf Lettuce - 10 seeds
Head Lettuce - 6 seeds

2 Weeks Before Last Frost of Spring

Set out:
Cabbage - 4 plants
Broccoli - 2 plants
Leaf Lettuce - 5 plants
Head Lettuce - 3 plants

Bush Peas - 218 seeds
Carrots - 96 seeds
Beets - 17 seeds
Onions - 60 sets
Radishes - 43 seeds

Start seedlings:
Tomatoes - 8 seeds
Peppers - 8 seeds
Sweet Basil - 2 seeds
Zinnias - 6 seeds
Cucumbers - 8 seeds

On Last Frost Day

Potatoes - 35 starts

That should get you started for now, my next post will cover part 2.

Happy gardening,

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